About Me

I was born under the sun sign Aquarius. And I always wonder, why dont people who are born at night, have moon signs. Even after spending more than half a century being an Aquarian, I am still not clear what exactly that means. I am sure even the people who exclaim – oh you are an Aquarian – after asking my date of birth, are also not clear about that. It is supposed to be a water sign, but I am more of a soda man !!
I got my schooling, till eighth to be precise, in pure rural schools, in pure Punjabi. Now I call them schools with Green Dot. They are as close to nature as can be - classes under big trees due to lack of rooms, ease out anywhere due to lack of loos, one to one interaction with plants due to lack of official gardener and home made food for the lack of any canteen.

We shifted to Patiala when I was in mid 9th. I was deposited in a government school, considered best at that time. Coming to an English medium school and that too a coeducational one, was a great cultural shock. How can one swear in English and that too in the presence of girls? Managing to overcome all the obstacles with different strategies, I cleared school with noteworthy grades.
Continuing with the education part, I willfully completed the following:
PG Diploma in Computer Applications
Six Sigma Black Belt
PG Diploma in Clinical Research
Certificate course in Entrepreneurship from Massachusetts Institute of Technology through edx.org.
Audited course in Accounting and Finance from IIM Bangalore through edx.org.

Articles published in almost all major newspapers of North India.
Writing regularly for Times of India online edition, my page is named Jocularly Serious.
Authored a book - Who Killed The Dead Body (2021).

And in extracurricular:
Six College Colors and one Roll of Honor in sports and stage events during MBBS.
Learnt to fly single engine plane
Donated blood 25 times.
Was invited as faculty in many conferences
Won ‘Young Researcher Award’ at World Congress of Anaesthesia at Paris
Devised GSB technique for difficult intubation.
Many national and international publications.

Rest you can find about me in ‘My Life’ section !!!

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