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Mortal Guidance

Date: 11-Jun-2017

Mortal Guidance


When all bones in the back ache,

Swollen joints keep you awake,

Knees go tock-a-tick,

Ankles feel like leaden brick,

With Orthopedic, appointment you should make.


Body has fish like scales,

Scratch marks explain travails,

 Skin has gone light or dark,

Or has some ominous looking mark,

To a Dermatologist, you must tell your tales.


When vision is all fog and mist,

Even capital letters seem a twist,

All things appear in twos,

Cataract, glaucoma add to the woes,

Its time to consult the eye specialist.


When the teeth turn yellow,

When you smile and the deposits say hello,

Teeth are less and cavities more,

Empty spaces of missing teeth galore,

Time to consult dentist, my dear fellow.


Node in the breast or in neck,

Don’t just say what the heck,

When rectum bleeds,

Or weight recedes,

Go to the surgeon with a signed cheque.


When you strain to hear,

Before speaking, throat you clear,

You pick nose and it bleeds,

Esophagus has stuck seeds,

Look out for ENT doc who lives near.


When you have com of age,

Physical things are no longer rage,

Prostate has enlarged as a matter,

Takes time to void the bladder,

Find a Urologist on the yellow page.


Heart rhythm has gone meek,

Pumping action become weak,

On walking, pain in chest,

Dictates you to take rest,

Time that a cardiologist you must seek.


When you keep forgetting faces,

And start seeing alien races,

Friends and foes look the same,

Sheep seem dangerous and tigers tame,

Psychiatrists can be helpful in such cases.


Lots of diseases you brave,

After many a close shave,

Finally heart stands still,

And brain goes chill,

Time to rest body in a nice grave.






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