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Twelfth Rib

Date: 11-Jun-2017

Twelfth Rib


Women,descendants of Eve,

Are the best thing to happen, I believe.

            Imagine Adam, in the Garden roaming alone,

            Every breath must have been a bored moan.

His life was bliss, banal, full of leisure,

Unaware he was,of worldly pleasure.

            This Guy needs company, he needs to laugh,

            Thus came along Eve, the better half.

Apple she introduced and the knowledge ace,

With her blessings, thus started the human race.

            To call it Adam’s downfall, is surprising,

            Rather than that, it was human uprising.

To Adam’s life,she added color and hues,

And to this day,it still continues.

            From times immemorial, such is the tale,

            Man’s life revolves around a female.

From the moment of birth, till he dies,

For the comfort of female company, he cries.

            Find the right company, and he can stand tall,

            Beware, she can be the reason of a major downfall.

Every successful man has a female in the hind,

Doomed are they when she turns fiend.

            She is the source of ecstasy, also of agony,

            She can be fountain of joy, or of pain a many.

She can take you low, she can take you high,

She can make you laugh, she can make you cry.

            She can make you miserable, or happy and gay,

            Two sides of the same coin, I would say.

Statement to the contrary, are void and null,

Life without women, would be extremely dull.

            Just one rib and life is enriched with colorful tones,

            How I wish, Adam had donated all his bones!!!!!






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