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Date: 11-Jun-2017



You can see them in malls,

In queues and in waiting halls,

Men come in all shapes and size,

Some are dumb and some wise,

When free, they all love to scratch their balls.


Doctors take away body curse,

Prevent ailments from getting worse,

They examine body, look for bugs,

Take samples and prescribe drugs,

When free, they all love to chase a nurse.


Girls these days are not chip off the old block,

Quite liberated is their stock,

Assets they display and highlight,

In clothes skimpy and bright,

When free, they all love to tease many a cock.


There are pilots, sometimes they confess,

More often than not, brag about their prowess,

How they enjoy roaming the world,

Story is there for all to be heard,

When not flying, they ride the air hostess.

A young man who is yet to be laid,

Wonders about the tricks of the trade,

Wants to learn about birds and bees,

In every female, a potential he sees,

When free, he yearns for the maid.


Sea men travel in directions four,

Their escapades make folk lore,

Half the life they spend in seas high,

And the rest of it on land dry,

When free, they love to do whores on every shore.


Film producers are real pest,

They get opportunities better than rest,

Heroines come asking for role,

Ready to stake body and soul,

On the casting couch, they appear for the screen test.


There are old men with a roving eye,

Body has no strength to give it a try,

They had a glorious past,

Lived life quite fast,

When free, they close their eyes and let out a sigh.


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