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Date: 11-Jun-2017



For forty years whole,

Have lived together, my body and soul.

Its not my wish for them to separate,

Been thinking about my body, of late.

Starting from head, going to the toes,

O Holy Creator, I tell my woes.

My mother, my girl friend, patted my head while kissing,

The crowning glory? Now few are white and rest are missing.

Brain was sponge, all knowledge would retain,

Of late, it has gone spongy, all efforts at memory, go in vain.

Eyesight was good, enjoyed afar beauties with gracious gait,

Now by the time I put on spects, it’s already too late.

Nose would smell wines, perfumes and was choosy,

Now kids tell me, I have become too nosy.

Tongue would waggle, tasted things spicy and fried,

With the advancing age, situation is now tongue tied.

Strong white teeth, cracked nuts with might,

In mouth during day, denture rests in glass at night.

One big breath and chest inflated like balloon,

With shortness of breath, stair climbing is like going to the moon.

Arms were strong, held many a dame,

Now struggle for power, are dismally tame.

Heart was full of amour, wore on sleeve again and again,

Is seat of hypertension, temple of anginal pain.

Like a surfer’s board, flat was tummy,

With it protruding ahead, cant eat food yummy.

Gall bladder, kidneys, urine has stones,

Little they are, but produce big moans.

Groin? Cant say much, censor put a ban,

Prostate impedes urine, need Viagra to be a man.

Pair of knees, that were grounded only to propose,

Are wobbly now, every move they oppose.

Feet, destined to leave imprints on sands of life,

Can walk straight only with plenty of strife.

Soul is willing, body has problems more than its share,

O The Mighty Creator, listen to my prayer.

It will be fun, it will be great,

Old we are born and as kids we dissipate!!!!!!!!









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