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Rajmah, Monsoon & Government Job

Date: 26-Aug-2020

“I believe there is some confusion sir.” Finally I mustered the courage to tell the interview board sitting majestically across the table from me.

I had recently completed my degree and become a certified doctor. The degree authorized me to practice medicine as well as surgery on anyone who agrees for the same. Wows.

Next step was to find a job. Government job was the ultimate goal for all in those days. State Service Commission would announce vacancies from time to time.

Very soon there was advertisement announcing government posts for doctors. I was so happy. As if the posts were declared for me only. I duly filled the form and deposited it in the commission office.

Very soon the letter arrived, I had to appear for the interview in a week’s time.

I contacted all my senior friends to gain insight into process of interview.

“Check out the history of your medical college.” Was the first advice.

“Huh?” was my response.

“There is a subject specialist who is usually a senior doctor and asks medical questions. But then there is another guy from the commission who asks general questions and he usually asks questions related to your profile.” Came the explanation.

After passing out from college, I learnt who had inaugurated the medical college and in which year.

I memorized names of all gurus associated with my faith.

I checked out the facts about the sports that I played in college and had submitted achievement certificates.

The big day arrived.

I dressed up in my best formal clothes, picked up my original certificates and reported for interview.

I was ushered into a big room.

There were three people sitting behind huge mahogany table. I could recognize the doctor. Other two must be from the commission. And there was this tiny bare chair for me to sit. It looked more like an electric chair to me.

“Rajmah are grown in which state in India?” started one of the gentlemen from the commission.

WHAT?  Rajmah? They never taught us that in medical college. I had once witnessed one post-mortem during my rotations and the guy had Rajmah in his stomach when it was opened.

I kept quiet.

“When was Bhangra declared state dance of Punjab?” asked the other one looking at my certificates.

I kept quiet longer.

I looked at the doctor. He started looking at papers in front of him.

Barrage continued.

“Which is the largest lake in India?”

“Do you agree with the fiscal policy of India?”

Right now, I do not agree with any of your questions – was my thought.

I continued keeping quiet.

Soon, they also became quiet.

Needless to say, I was not selected.

Few months later, posts were announced again. After completing all the formalities, I was again presented before the interview board.

“Which Indian state has monsoon rains in winter?” was the first question.

What is wrong with these guys? Was the question in my mind.

My turn to keep quiet.

“Who established Maurya dynasty?”

“What is the length of Indian shoreline?”

“What triggered Great Depression?”

Now, I was going into depression.

“I believe there is some confusion sir.” Finally, I mustered the courage to tell the interview board sitting majestically across the table from me.

It was their turn to display confusion.

“What do you mean?” the apparently junior one asked.

This was the first question, I was ready to answer.

“I am appearing for the post of medical officer and not some IAS, civil services level post” I made my point clear.

That ended the interview.

I was not selected.

Jobs were announced for the third time. This time I had an uncle who was a close friend of chairman of the commission.

That was the best interview I had. Commission guys kept quiet. Only the doctor asked the questions on medical subjects. I could answer all the questions.

This time I made it to the list of successful candidates.






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