I have great equation with my neighbourhood grocery shopkeeper. If I call him after 8pm and tell him it is an emergency, he promptly replies back, “don't worry sir, by the time you pour your drink, soda will reach your house."
That is wow moment of home delivery.
My birth was also a wow moment, but thankfully it was not a home delivery. Though I was born during the home delivery era, my parents were aware and erudite enough to shift the event to the local Civil Hospital. May be there were too many.. read more


Management comes with age – that’s what the word actually denotes – Man + Age + Ment. Yes, whatev...

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Nothing special about my life. Though I have heard life stories of persons less happening than mi...

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Poems come from the fountain of heart, usually. Sometimes the heart start pumping emotions along ...

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Treks are the outcome of many a factor – wander lust being the prime cause. Other contributing fa...

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